The government draws it's power from the governed. When the government oversteps their authority and violates the fundamental rights of the people, it's up to the people to notify them as their public servant that they're in violation of their oath of office, we the people are aware of said violation, we will not comply, and they do not have the authority to enforce such an unconstitutional act.

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"One of the most challenging aspects of modern society is to see and experience injustice, and feel powerless to do anything about it. We're here to change that."-TANK

Lawful America is an expression of the people in action, tired of waiting for changes, justice, and reform that never seem to happen. This page is your mission control. If you've been looking for ways to get involved then this is the place to look. We have already had success getting individuals removed from public service who weren't fit to be there, influenced policies, and helped stop some of the worst crimes in human history.


We recognize the that the most powerful and feared entity in the world is the voice and actions of an organized, educated, and activated collective. We use this weapon to protect human interests, reveal hidden crimes, and enforce well established Constitutional Laws.  As we identify actionable items we will include our members in ways to contribute to the decisions, actions, and planning as we move forward.

We are not here to conform to a broken system, accepting moral victories, and settlements. We are dedicated to change the system, investigate unlawful actions perpetuated against the American people, and ensure the Law of the Land is enforced properly. The People are the highest court in the land and our freedom is predicated upon our involvement in the Governing of the Government.

We always keep in mind that the Government draws it's power from the Governed.

Public service is to the people of which we are, and it's essential for us to claim our proper place as the authority over negligent or overreaching government actions however they are manifest.

WE are transparent. 

We realize that organizations that try to fight these types of battles are often buried by propaganda, false reports, or mistakes made during desperate times. For this cause we openly share our information so that it is always clear to our members and the general public that we are doing exactly what we say we're doing and we are exactly who we say we are.

Below is the tracking information for our most recent efforts to reform the Unconstitutional False Mandates being used to force and impose untested and unproven vaccines on every American. Feel free to investigate to make sure your State Health Department and Department of Education has received their notice to ensure the lawful informed consent to every Government employee of the actions that will be taken if they participate in this violation via the forced vaccination of students, employees, etc.

The Power of the Post Office

The Post Office is a Government body that all members of our society have to respect. To ensure the appropriate response, and to have a record that notice has been received by the appropriate parties we use Certified Letters Return Receipt whenever we want to inform a group of a Law they may be in violation of, lawful decisions that may impact them, or any other matter where a record is needed to ensure delivery. This receipt can be used in any lawful proceeding as evidence and cannot be denied.


Below is a video explaining how to send a letter using this method.  

You have a part to play.

If you'd like to reach out to your local schools, principals, teachers, or PTA, the template we've approved for member usage is below. This letter can be sent via email, regular mail, or if you'd like a record you can use the Certified Letter Return Receipt method listed above. If you do use this method, please send us a photo of the receipt so that we have it in our records and can use it as evidence of notification if needed in the future.

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