The OTT reported in 2018 that they had earned royalties of about US$110.9 million across all of the licensed technology from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and CDC. Remember, CDC technology is only a tiny part of the overall NIH licensing activities.

The Pediatric Vaccine Price List is based on Government Contracts

from the Government Contract website detailing the agreement between the government, the Center for Disease Control, and the drug manufacturer. The CDC has a very clear financial interest in the vaccines yet also acts as the regulatory authority to oversee quality control, safety, and efficacy of the vaccines. They are also responsible for notifying the public if there is an outbreak starting with as few as four cases of a disease.

In addition, this exhibit shows that the government also makes money from the Federal Excise tax paid with every dose.


These two obvious issues make it impossible for the CDC or any government entity to act as the regulatory authority over the vaccines because they profit from every dosage administered.

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