Below are the current actions that have been executed to support and bring about change through lawful actions described in the Constitution, designed to protect the authority and rights of the Governed to hold the Government accountable for contractual violations of their Oath of Office.

This bulletin board will be updated daily as other actions are also underway.





  • 2. Case Law requested by GJF returned with VIOLATIONS according to Constitution and UCC Codes identified

Official Letter sent to every State Board of Education Department in the Nation via Certified Mail to notify them of their responsibility to inform their employees of the liability attached to breaking their oath of office by contributing to the false mandated administration of vaccines without informed consent, parental permission, or proper due process of law.

  • Received confirmation from 14 States so far that they have received the letter

American Republic Militia (ARM)network-working to unify and organize the common efforts of every Militia in the country

  • 18  militias have responded from various states across the Country.

  • Current Needs Assessments are being conducted to establish common goals and procedures to respond to Constitutional Violations that require Community response

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